My travel blog is online












Dear followers

I am a photographer with passion and a traveller by heart. It’s been my dream for a long time to launch a travel blog and I’m happy to announce that has gone live.
On the blog I will share my journeys seen through the lens. I will provide travel tips, show the hots spots and guide to the photogenic places of a city or region. I won’t show many (if any) selfies of me by the fancy hotel pool, but rather photographs of the land- and cityscape in high quality.

The next implementation on the blog will be the section “workshops”. I will offer photography workshops while traveling for people who want to level up their photography skills.

I thank you all so much for following ms. diplomacy, for your likes and your kind and flattering comments. I am not sure yet if I will continue the photoblog ms. diplomacy…I guess it’s gonna be too much to handle both and all the social media sites.

It would be fantastic if you could all follow suitcase and wanderlust on wordpress, and help me to spread my blog on Facebook and Instagram. And I would be absolutely grateful to keep in touch with you.

Best wishes,



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