against the odds


Watching the “giraffe woman” in Bagan was fascinating and terrifying at the same time. It is an old tradition from Kayan state and I read that nobody really knows why women originally started wearing brass rings around their necks. There are several theories I heard. The coils should make their necks look longer, in fact they push down the muscles around the collarbone and compress the ribs. Women can start wearing the rings with the age of five and add more as they get older. Today women are getting to decide whether they preserve their culture and wear them or not.

In response to the Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge against the odds


13 thoughts on “against the odds

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  2. Great lighting and mood. I too can’t help wonder what kinds of muscle and joint pains these women must experience, much like the old Chinese custom of breaking and binding women’s feet. I get back and headaches just from taking a walk in the wrong pair of shoes!


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