lost in thoughts?





Photographs of monks and novices are magnetic. They seem to be one of the most photogenic people in the world. It was my first visit ever in a monastery. When I arrived at Maha Gandaryon Monastery in Mandalay I was embarrassed. Hundreds of tourists were watching and photographing the monks and novices lining up to get into the dining hall. I was ashamed to lift the camera, point it at the monks and press the shutter. At the end, I did press it and captured him – a young novice. And I wonder where his thoughts were…

I know it is allowed to photograph in a monastery and I talked to monks later during my journey and they all assured me that it is not a big deal for them and they got used it. Still, it seemed awkward to me.


8 thoughts on “lost in thoughts?

  1. I generally find it not easy to photograph people. I don’t want to be shot, so they may also not like it. On the other hand, people can completely transform your ordinary picture into a piece of art. So we – photographers – will always live with this dilemma…

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  2. I felt the same way in Luang Prabang but quickly got over it when I realized I may never have the opportunity again. I understand completely how you felt since it feels like you are intruding on a sacred moment. You captured some beautiful moments, Ms. D.

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