the Pismo trail



3 thoughts on “the Pismo trail

  1. I passed Pismo beach years ago when I was in the USA for the first and only time. In my language (Slovenian) ‘pismo’ means ‘letter’ (as in written letter to be sent off or received). I wonder where the name comes from.

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  2. This reminds me a bit of a place in Tucson—except you’ve got clouds rather than mountains in the background. I like how you decide to keep the beginning of the wooden railing in; if not, there’s a never-ending continuity, which could also be nice. I often find things like that a hard choice. For me, this picture works better than Nostalgic because I can ‘contain’ more of the whole, which then allows me to ‘feel’ all the many surfaces and textures, including the clouds afar.


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