I just couldn’t stop looking at you


What an amazing construction, isn’t it? I couldn’t stop looking at the bridge while I was in San Francisco. Thanks to my friend Dan Shehan – he took me to Hawk Hill to shoot the bridge at night. It was such an awesome experience.


12 thoughts on “I just couldn’t stop looking at you

  1. Your photography is stunning!!! I know I will be learning much from you as I view your work, so I really thank you for doing what you do! I also thank you in turn for following Petals. I am a bit more cautious these days about follows, one, I get swamped as it is under mountains of comments, and two, I really want to know that the person who I am following sincerely respects my work. So, all that being said, (LOL ask Laura how “honest” I am) I really look forward in getting to know you and your work better. I was just telling Laura I have the itch to do landscape shots, but, I am SO running around getting flower shots because everything is flowering at once, yikes!, I just don’t have the time. Perhaps over the weekend I will make a point in going to an incredible park I know. 🙂 Oh yes, I’m chatty too. LOL *giggling* Love, Amy ❤


    • Thank you Amy. This is such a wonderful feedback I really appreciate. Everyday is a school day…for each of us. Just go out and try. Shoot whatever you feel to shoot, your flower shots are beautiful. I know time is an issue, just don’t put yourself under pressure 😉 Cheers, Ms d.

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