Chicago for a city trip?

Hi my blogger friends,

my today’s post is asking for your advice…would you recommend Chicago for a city trip? Has anybody of you been there? Any great experiences you want to share?

I appreciate receiving your thoughts and comments 🙂

Thank you

ms. diplomacy


19 thoughts on “Chicago for a city trip?

  1. go. i was there for 5 days in 2010. i stayed in old town which is a cool suburb about 5km north of the city. lots of restaurants there and in surrounding suburbs, and cool shops. plenty to see in the city and i loved lincoln park and lake shore drive. def recommended


  2. My sister lives about 45mins away from Chicago, so I’ve been a couple of times. It’s well worth a visit, with a great lakeside location. Personally though I prefer New York.


  3. Yes, the architectural boat tour is excellent! Go also to Lincoln Park – it is huge, and faces the lake. There is a greenhouse with permanent shows; the zoo is also in the park, and it is free. Millennium Park is also a must. Make a reservation for a dinner at the top of the John Hancock Center. The view is super, and the food is super super! Following are some pictures taken during our last visit. Have a great trip and I will be looking forward to seeing your shots of the city of Chicago! 🙂


  4. Chicago is a great place to visit. My personal favorites are the Architectural tour, the Art Institute of Chicago, and Skydeck in Sears tower. Navy Pier is a good day’s hangout too as are the sights on Michigan Avenue.
    If you are interested in natural habitats, flora and fauna; Field Museum, Shedd aquarium, Botanical Gardens and Brookfield zoo are great places to see. (Can’t vouch for Lincoln Park as I have never been there.)


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