This woman is sitting at Uluwatu temple selling wristbands to tourists.


3 thoughts on “burden

  1. Sorry for the harsh words I am going to write, but in my eyes this picture is disgusting. It is a horrible way of presenting somebody, expecially somebody who is obviously poor. The top view forces you to look down on the woman, even if you don’t want to. I don’t want to look down on anybody just because he or she is poor! From the way she looks I’d say she wasn’t even asked to have her picture taken either. Hence the picture presents her in the same way an animal in a zoo would be presented. A shallow, presumptuous way to approach somebody of a different culture through photography. It lacks empathy with the person who’s picture is taken and it doesn’t create empathy, either, but a feeling of unease, and almost shame. Poverty as a tourist attraction – even decoration.


    • Thank you for sharing your point of view. Mine is that photographers do not only capture beautiful moments and situations but also people in stupid wars, children feeling the pinch of hunger or in this case poor people selling stuff to tourists. This has nothing to do with a lack of empathy but rather shining a light on such sad conditions.


    • I understand both of you… I know what you did try to capture Ms, but I had the same feeling as Annette. At this distance from the subject, I would first kneel, to be at the same level of her and secondly, I would ask her to take a picture. Because now, this picture is showing this person as an animal in a zoo.

      Anyway, I am following you!


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